Other Non-Life Coverages

Motor Vehicle Insurance

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Marine Insurance

We provide manufacturers, importers, merchants, as well as financial institutions a form of financial protection against shipment losses.

Miscellaneous Insurance

Hedge your investments from danger with United Insurance's Miscellaneous Policy Coverage.

Surety Bonds

Take the necessary precaution against financial risk. Ask your agent today for more information about our Surety Bonds.
How do I avail of Fire Insurance?

It's easy! Just give us a call and we'll do the rest!

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Fire Insurance

One of humanity's greatest discoveries is the ability to use fire. Fire has greatly influenced the development of modern society. Unfortunately, it is also the most formidable enemy. A fire that goes beyond the confines intended for and goes beyond the control of its custodian is called a hostile fire. This type of fire not only burns down assets and wealth but also results to loss of lives.

At United Insurance Company, Inc., we offer the best possible means of protection not only to your business but to your homes as well. From the basic fire and lightning coverage to other extensions, to include allied risks such as earthquake, typhoon, flood, falling aircraft, explosion, vehicle impact, riot, strike, malicious damage and consequential loss such as Business Interruption Insurance.

The properties that may be covered are building, household and office furniture, fixture, fittings or stock in trade or other contents usual to the assured.

Sometimes accidents happen; let it not be an impediment to us. For your protection against income and business discontinuance, be covered by United Insurance Company, Inc.

Types of Coverages

* Household or Office Furniture, Fixture & Fittings
* Machinery & Equipment
* Stocks in Trade

o Finished goods
o Goods in process
o Raw Materials
o Supplies

* Buildings & Building Improvements

o Residential
o Commercial
o Industrial
o Warehouse