Other Non-Life Coverages

Fire Insurance

Safeguard your valuable assets from accidental fires.

Marine Insurance

We provide manufacturers, importers, merchants, as well as financial institutions a form of financial protection against shipment losses.

Miscellaneous Insurance

Hedge your investments from danger with United Insurance's Miscellaneous Policy Coverage.

Surety Bonds

Take the necessary precaution against financial risk. Ask your agent today for more information about our Surety Bonds.
How do I avail of Motor Insurance?

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Motor Vehicle Insurance

"Perhaps no product of man's inventiveness has been at once so creative and so destructive of social values as has the automobile. The the good it has wrought outweighs the bad would seem to be an academic proposition in view of its inevitability in modern society. It is recognized that accidents will occur.

People will be lost and maimed property damaged or destroyed. This is the inevitable cost of putting our culture on wheels. And, while many decry the dimensions of the cost, few would suggest return to a safer but more primitive mode of transportation." (Calvin H. Brainand)

The cost to human lives and property damages may be insurmountable; that's why we at United Insurance Company, Inc. not only insulate and protect you against the cost dimension these loses may bring not only to your third party claims, but the restoration of your damaged property to its previous functional conditional as well.

Our service extends to coverage of Comprehensive Third Party Liabilities, Own Damage restoration, Theft, Excess Third Party Liabilities, Excess Property Damage as well as Auto Personal Accident arising from the use of your private cars, commercial vehicles or motorcycles. We are currently accredited with almost all the five star manufacturers / dealer shops to ensure top level service and maximum customer satisfaction.

* Policy Forms
* Private Car
* Commercial Vehicle
* Motorcycle (CTPL Only)
* Comprehensive Third Party Liability
* Own Damage Coverage
* Theft
* Excess Bodily Damage
* Excess Property Damage
* Auto Personal Accident

Types of Coverages

Excess Bodily Injury
Provides protection to the insured or authorized driver for the death or bodily injury to third parties in excess of the limits provided by the CTPL coverage up to a maximum of P500,000.

Partial & Total Damage
Covers partial or total damage of the insured unit in excess of the policy deductible due to collision, fire, theft, explosion, overturning or malicious damage.

Third Party Liability - Property Damage
Provides protection to the insured or authorized driver from liabilities to third parties for actual physical damage to property up to a maximum of P500,000.

Unnamed Passengers Personal Accident
Unnamed passengers may include one's family, friends or relatives. Each passenger is insured up to P50,000 in case of death or permanent disability.

Medical Reimbursement
Pays for the medical expenses incurred by the passenger of the insured vehicle, with a limit of P5,000 per passenger.

Compulsory Third Party Liability
Required by law for the registration of any vehicle licensed for used on public highways. Offers protection of up to a maximum of P50,000 for legal liabilities for the death of or bodily injury of a third party.

Legal Assistance
Offers legal assistance to the insured or authorized driver in case of death of / or bodily injury to third parties or damages to third party property.

24-Hour Roadside & Travel Assistance
Hotline - (02) 817 9605. Provides a 24-hour vehicle and personal assistance program to the insured while on the road. Roadside and Travel Assistance include Legal Referral, Claims Assistance, Towing Service (up to P4,000), Minor On-Site Repairs, Crane Service (up to P8,000), Hotel Expenses (up to P1,000), Travel Costs in case of Breakdown, Arrangement of Ambulance Service, Information on Hospitals, Relay of Urgent Messages, and Information on Accredited Shops.