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Marine Insurance

Whenever good or cargo are moved either by sea, air or land, there are always risk attendant to such activities. Such risks involve losing the cargoes to the perils during travel; thus, a need for Marine Insurance arise. It is therefore a form of financial protection for the manufacturers, importers, merchants and even financial institutions against shipment losses.

At United Insurance Company, Inc., we cover cargo insurance and liability coverage in risk areas such as Ocean Marine (Overseas), Inter-island Marine and Inland Marine.

For details of the various clauses, coverage and the general exclusions, our top-level underwriters shall be on hand to discuss to you in plain and business terms the different legal and technical issues in Marine Insurance coverage. We can customize your protection based on your business needs and requirements. Our agent will be able to discuss on the assured and their rights and the process required to facilitate a claim.

Types of Coverages

Marine Cargo Insurance

This covers the insured property against direct loss or damage caused by maritime peril consequent on, or incidental to, the navigation of the sea, i.e. perils of the seas such as heavy weather, collision & grounding, fire, war perils, jettison, barratry, and any other perils designated by the policy.

Inland Marine Insurance

This coverage is extended to the insured property against direct loss or damage caused by perils consequent on, or incidental to the ordinary course of transit to the final warehouse or place of destination stated in the policy under the Truck Risks Clause, plus, if required, robbery & hijack risks.

Inter-Island Marine Insurance

A coverage whereby the insurer for a consideration guarantees the insured that a certain sum will be paid as indemnity for loss of or damage to property caused by maritime perils within the Philippine Territorial Waters only.